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Fulfillment. Balance. Success.

Supporting Educators, Administrators & Districts ready to rise

teacher and student with masks illustrating coaching for educators through challenging times

The Truth About Leaders in Education

You need unique support. 

At Next Level Leadership Services, we understand how major challenges are placing unprecedented strains on our education leaders: fiscal restrictions, the pandemic, labor relations, politicization, and many more. 

Veteran educators are burning out. Mid-level leaders are feeling stuck at career plateaus. Future leaders are avoiding leadership roles.

It can happen to the best of us, regardless of our dedication to our schools and students.  

The Good News

You've come to the right place. 

We will help you breathe passion back into your work, take your career or school system to the next level, and bring balance back to your life. 

Next Level Leadership Services is dedicated to helping school leaders develop systems to achieve student-centered success, professional advancement, and personal fulfillment – inside AND outside of work.

Receive the advice and judgement-free support you need from someone who understands exactly where you are right now

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Gain renewed motivation

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Work with an accountability partner to reach your goals

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Develop systems to find balance in your life and fulfillment in your work

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Invest in your future

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Overcome imposter syndrome 

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Break the glass ceiling

Next Level Leadership Services showing school leaders gathering, leadership coaching for educators and administrators

Career Coaching

for School Leaders who want to learn the concrete skills necessary to land their next dream job 

Leadership Coaching

for Administrators & Districts that understand the value of investing in their school leaders to decrease burnout and increase performance

Kris Cosca of Next Level Leadership Services leadership coach for educators and administrators, speaks to school district team
Next Level Leadership Services coach Kris Cosca EdD interviewed by media as Superintendent Novato Unified School District

Education Marketing Consulting

for Schools & Districts that realize we cannot do the same things and expect different results when it comes to student enrollment, recruitment, passing local tax initiatives & public opinion

Not sure which service is right for you? Start here.

Kris Cosca EdD of Next Level Leadership Services

We Get It. We've Been There.

Next Level Leadership Services founder Kris Cosca, EdD, has occupied just about every seat from teacher to superintendent in California public schools.

  6 years as a public school teacher

10 years as a site-level leader

10 years in human resources

15 years in cabinet-level positions

  2 years as a district superintendent

  3 years as an executive coach


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We offer a 5% discount to underrepresented groups: People of Color, LGBTQ, 1st generation college grads,

and military veterans. Read more

We Are Committed To Building a
Better World for
Future Leaders

 Protecting the Earth 

We donate 1% of profits to environmental causes. Read more

Working with Kris Cosca as a professional coach has been such a blessing in an extremely challenging time in education. I was able to gain clarity and make career choices true to my values, my well-being, and my quality of life.


Kristen Vogel, Principal, Santa Rosa Charter School for the Arts

client, leadership coaching for educators & administrators

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