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  • Kris Cosca, EdD

Our DEI Commitment: Mentoring Education Leaders Who Reflect Student Diversity

NLLS offers discount coaching for people of color pursuing leadership positions

At Next Level Leadership Services, we believe diversity in school administration is crucial for creating inclusive and equitable learning environments for all students. Representation of diverse ethnicities and cultures helps break down barriers and promote understanding and acceptance among students and staff.

Unfortunately, there’s a vast gap between the diversity in student enrollment and school leaders across the U.S. Particularly among principals, we are seeing a recruiting crisis and a parallel retention crisis in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. If attrition rates drop, how will our nation’s schools ever be able to close the diversity gap between administrators and an increasingly multicultural student population?

NLLS is committed to being part of the change, which is why we offer a 5% discount to coaching clients from underrepresented groups, including people of color and LGBTQ+ individuals.

We want to support their career journeys in education leadership – whether they are just starting out applying for jobs or already are school leaders but feel burned out, unbalanced, and uninspired. We help them prepare successful application packets, interview confidently, and regain work-life balance and motivation.

According to data from the National Center for Education Statistics, 80% of public school principals were white, while only 10% were Black and 9% were Hispanic in 2020.

This disparity is equally pronounced among superintendents, despite gradual advancements in recent years.According to the American Superintendent 2020 Decennial Study, a survey conducted by the School Superintendents Association: 8.6% of respondents identified as superintendents of color in 2020, compared to 6% in 2010 and 5% in 2000.

This lack of diversity in school leadership has multiple negative consequences. Research has shown that students from underrepresented groups are more likely to succeed academically when they have teachers and leaders who look like them. Additionally, a lack of diversity in school administration can lead to policies and practices that are not inclusive and equitable for all students.

It's also a problem from a recruitment and retention perspective. When candidates from underrepresented groups do not see people like themselves in leadership positions, they may be less likely to pursue those roles. Furthermore, when individuals from underrepresented groups become school leaders, they may be more likely to leave the profession due to feelings of isolation and lack of support.

Administrators of color bring another unique strength: They may help attract young people of color into the teaching profession, where there’s also a concerning racial gap.

Fortunately, many districts are exploring DEI strategies to attract and retain more leaders of color. We at NLLS see ourselves as partners in the process by helping future leaders put their best feet forward. We empower our clients to successfully apply for their dream jobs and thrive with continued purpose and passion.

If you’re interested in applying for a discounted coaching opportunity, please reach out to We also offer special rates to first-generation college graduates and military veterans.

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