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Tired of Using the Job Selection Process to Learn?

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Download your FREE 10-page Dream Job Road Map
for Aspiring Administrators 

In just 15 steps, learn how to exponentially improve your application & interview skills to win your dream job as a school PRINCIPAL or ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL

Learn how to:

  • Create an impressive application, resume, cover letter and letters of recommendation

  • Answer the hardest questions

  • Enter the interview ready to impress

  • Take post-interview action to improve your chances of success 

Commit to these 15 essential steps and accelerate your administrative dream job search!

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Kris Cosca, Ed.D., Next Level Leadership's Founder, created this roadmap with you in mind.

I help aspiring school administrators navigate the job selection process with confidence, so they can:

  • Get their dream job

  • Impact more students' lives 

  • Make more money

After a three-decade career serving from teacher to superintendent, I can't wait to share what I have learned and to help you get your dream job! 

  • The median annual wage for US elementary, middle and high school principals was $98,420 in 2021.

  • If you're a public school teacher earning around the national average of $65,090 a year... 

  • ...Imagine the difference earning a principal's salary will make for you and your family!

What is it worth to get your dream job now?

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