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Register Closed: Career Coaching Master Class

Get your dream job!

This transformational master class will help you walk into your next interview with poise and confidence knowing that you have taken control of those variables within your control.


It will include 7.5 hours of interactive virtual lessons to get your dream job and build your confidence around:


  • Crafting an eye catching resume 

  • Telling your story with your letter of introduction

  • Collecting letters of recommendation

  • Specific techniques to prepare you for your interview

  • Navigating your interview day

  • Knowing what to do after your interview 

  • Understanding the final interview

Additionally you will get:

  • One hour for 1:1 feedback on your application packet and a mock interview with feedback

  • All lessons will be recorded for your future use 

  • Access our a comprehensive video series exclusively for resume optimization, interview preparation and tips to use throughout your career as you navigate job opportunities

  • And increased confidence that you are ready for your interview!

This master class will have very limited enrollment and will only be available for a short time.

Meet Kris Cosca, EdD 

Kris has dedicated his career to public schools for 30+ years as a teacher and administrator. Most recently, he served as superintendent of a 7,500-student district in Northern California. Kris has experienced the joys and the challenges at every level – from the classroom to the school board room. He navigated curriculum changes, enrollment challenges, pandemic restrictions, labor negotiations, staff burnout, and much more.  Kris now shares his expertise with Next Level Leadership Services clients.

Kris has sat in on, literally, hundreds of principal and assistant principal interviews and has read thousands of application packets. Now he uses his skills and knowledge to help friends, colleagues and clients get their dream jobs, impact more students lives and make more money for your family!

Now he is ready to help you!

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